How To Help Amarillo Lost Pets

We do a lot for the many that need us.

What We Need:


You are not just a volunteer! If all you can do is show up to live events and help set up tables and kennels and walk dogs and tell people about dogs and help fill out adoption forms, etc; That is exactly what pets need!


You are not just a transporter; if all you can do is help get pets to and from shelters, events, foster homes, the vet, the groomer, etc; That is exactly what pets need!


You are not just a helper; if the things you share led people to awareness and learning things that make them better owners, led them to adopt, spay, neuter,microchip, register, tag, or even bathe, their pets. Sharing Pet Tips can help awareness so much. Pinterest has amazing tips and ideas. Spaying one cat can save 64,000 lives over 10 years or so. (Remember, sharing is caring, cross posting saves lives ) That is exactly what pets need!


You are not just a patron; if you are able to make a donation of goods or funds, even small amounts. Not everyone can do that. That is exactly what pets need! Other ways of Patron can include, gift cards, used towels, kitty litter, Dog/Cat food, Old blankets, Straw for outdoor pets, heat lamps, Bleach, Paper towels, Odoban, Building or Construction Material etc…


You are not just a neighbor; if you try to help lost pets get home, and try to help neighbors find their pets, and educate them about laws, programs, tips on how to keep the pet safe. Many Rescuers are willing to lend a helping hand (fencing,food, advice, etc); That is exactly what pets need!

Shelter Worker

You are not just a shelter worker; if you are spending your days trying to make; time in the shelter as nice as possible, to give them as much time as possible, to network them, and you may be spending nights haunted by things you wish you did not see but you keep going back for that first thing...the pets. That is exactly what pets need!

Pet Owner

You are not “just a pet owner” if you have adopted a pet from a rescue group or shelter, a good home, and making room for another to get a chance. Rescue is a PROCESS. It is not getting a dog off the street. Everyone is doing a part of it. If you are doing any part of it, you are doing GOOD. It is so sad when people are doing the GOOD thing, and getting beaten down in their own minds because there is not a PERFECT world. That is exactly what pets need!


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