Who We Are
What We Are Working to Do
A Strong Team with a Strong Cause

A Little About Who We Are: Our rescue started out as a basic Facebook page in 2009 trying to reunite lost and found pets. It soon became evident, there were numerous animals where an owner was never located or they were taken to our local pound. Several animal lovers then felt the need to step up and fill this void.  We decided on a foster based rescue, which means we depend on local individuals to open their homes, while we work to get donations to cover their vetting.
Merrick was kind enough to donate dog food to help our fosters, as well as those in need.  PetSmart and Yellow City Pet Supply have been kind enough to open their doors on Saturday afternoons once or twice a month for our adoption events from 1-5. It has taken lots of love and hard work from our community, but here we finally achieved our non-profit status to help rescue! PetSmart allows us to host general animal adoptions, while Yellow City Pet Supply allows for puppy and kittens to be adopted in house.
In 2009, Sandy Whitney had a vision to reunite lost pets with their owners thereby serving the Amarillo area. Soon after, Lost Pets of Amarillo (LPOA) was born through the creation of a Facebook page where people could post information about animals they had found or lost. The LPOA Facebook page reunited many lost and found pets with their owners. Before long the page had over 16,000 likes, and additional page administrators were added to handle the volume of posts. The organization also expanded to rescue animals, fully vet them, place them with foster families, and facilitate adoptions. In December of 2015, LPOA gained non-profit status and continues to grow and serve the Amarillo community.
The long-term future goal of LPOA is to build a facility that provides temporary shelter for animals until they are placed with a foster, provides an area for meet and greets between animals and potential adopters, provides an area for regular adoption events, provides an area for storage of supplies, such as pet food, medical supplies, leashes, beds, blankets, crates, etc.
In the short term, LPOA will continue to serve the Amarillo community by reuniting lost pets to owners and caring for the neglected and abandoned animals through vetting, fostering and adopting. LPOA will also seek support through donations of not only funding, but also supplies to aid in their mission, i.e. pet food, medical supplies, leashes, beds, blankets, crates, etc.
Lost Pets of Amarillo is sincerely grateful for the support of numerous individuals and businesses who believe in our mission and help us accomplish our goals.