Amarillo Lost Pets

Pet Fostering

General Fostering: We always need fosters to provide temporary homes. Simple things that you are providing: like a safe place for the pet to heal, unpack emotional baggage, learn manners that will keep him or her in a good home all his or her life, learn to trust or how to play- these are all important parts of ensuring a pet will find there way into a forever-home.ONE DOG is a lot. If you take the step to foster one animal in need and see them find their permanent home because of your efforts, then as with us you might find yourself addicted to the contentment that it brings and become a regular stepping stone for pets on their way to recovery and happiness.

Fostering is one of the biggest shoes we need to fill!

Fosters responsibilities are:

•leash training
•crate training
•house training
•basic care and feeding
•transport to from adoption events
•transport to veterinarian appointments
•report challenges in pet behavior, both good and bad

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